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CATA-WIT: What does it take to be a CEO in today's world?

  • 18 May 2010
  • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
  • Free CATA-WIT Teleforum

CATA-WIT "Ask the Expert" Series presents:

CEO Profile: What does it take to be a CEO in today's world?

A Free CATA-WIT Teleforum
Tuesday, May 18th at 12 p.m. EST (
check your local time for this teleforum )

What does it take to run the show and a company??

Join the CATA-WIT "Ask the Expert" Teleforum as we start our first profile on what does it take to be a CEO in today's world? Our special guest Cindy Gordon of Helix International Inc. will join us and share her exciting journey, what it takes to be a CEO in the high-tech world, and tips and strategies on working with your CEO (until you get there yourself!). Find out success tips on leadership, networking, and work-life balance.

Whether you on the path to becoming a CEO or you want to work smarter with your senior leaders, join the conversation and find out more!

Who should attend?

Women who want to accelerate their leadership skills, run their own business, learn a little about corporate financing or venture capital, or successfully work with senior leaders in the corporate world.

Who will be on the call?

Cindy Gordon,
Ph.D. - CEO
Helix Commerce International Inc.
National Chair, CATA WIT

Cindy M. Gordon is a seasoned senior executive with over twenty years of industry experience in communications & high tech and financial services. Cindy is currently the Founder and CEO of Helix Commerce International Inc, a company specializing in business innovation and growth acceleration strategies that leverages disruptive innovation and next generation internet business approaches.

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Anne Raymond
Executive Coach
Xtreme Productivity

Anne is an enthusiastic Xtreme Productivity Coach focused on helping crazy busy high-tech leaders get out of overload and create time and energy for thinking and acting BIG!. Join the "Rev Up Your Productivity" newsletter and receive a complimentary report on "7 Ways to Get a Handle on Email and Your Life" at www.xtremeproductivity.com. Anne is the moderator and sponsor of the CATA-WIT "Ask The Expert" Teleforum Series.



How do I sign up?
If you are interested in participating in the CATA-WIT, "Ask The Expert" series, members can register for free online at
Non-members can join at a nominal fee; or join as a member and attend for free.

CATA-WIT "Ask the Expert" Teleforum Series
The "Ask the Expert" Teleforum Series is a national forum for Leadership Development for the advancement of women in Advanced Technology Sector. CATA-WIT Members will gain practical knowledge on relevant hot topics, increase their access to experts and research, and expand their network of experience and knowledgeable professionals. Participants will be able to easily join the conversation via webinar or audio dial-in right from their desk!

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