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Extending The Conversation: Creating Content with Podcasting

  • 07 Oct 2020
  • 9:00 AM
  • Online


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There’s a lot of fuss around podcasts. Sure it was the fastest growing medium in 2019. But before you produce and distribute, hit pause. A podcast is a source for so much natural content, that it can fill up the most aggressive of content calendars. In this webinar, Jon and Rhys from Podstarter.io will share tips learned in the field, on how to distribute podcast content, build an audience across digital and social channels, and how to create micro content to reach any audience.

About Podstarter

Every podcast starts somewhere. Building a podcast from scratch can be daunting, and breaking through to a new audience is difficult. If you have a voice, an idea or an expertise, Podstarter will help you build a podcast and a platform to share it. Podstarter brings years of experience in production, design and technology to help you fill in the gaps and ensure your podcast aligns with your key objectives. Whether you're taking your first step or you're already running at full speed, Podstarter can help!

About Jon Burns
Co-Founder & Producer at Podstarter

Jon connects people and companies with their audience. It sounds simple, and sometimes it is. Working as a producer and creative technologists, he connects content with the curious, using an odd mix of technology, marketing and people. He’s produced and developed hours of podcasts, online video content, mobile app experiences and augmented/virtual reality explorations reaching hundreds of millions of people. 

A part of his success has been working with companies like Lego, Disney and the NBA, but having great content doesn’t always mean it’ll find an audience.

About Rhys Waters
Co-Founder & Producer at Podstarter

Rhys launched his first content start-up at the age of 22. It led to creating BAFTA Award-winning work for the BBC, and working with global brands like Aston Martin and NBC Universal.  He has produced, directed and edited over 60+ hours of TV, radio, commercials and podcasts.

Rhys has been passionately involved in podcasting since 2014, having developed, launched and run the Unexplainers, a hit show which eventually became a radio show and TV series. He’s hosted, co-created and developed hours of podcast content and his current hit political comedy ‘Canadian Politics is Boring’ is ranked in the Top 5 for comedy.

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