Upcoming events

    • 25 Feb 2020
    • 08 Apr 2020
    • 3 sessions
    • CEED Training Room, 7071 Bayers Rd Suite #225, Halifax, NS B3L 2C2

    Are You Sick of Wasting Time on Marketing that Doesn't Work?

    If you want to sell more then you've gotta understand your audience. Who are your "right fit" customers? And what really makes them tick, click, and buy?

    If you can't answer these questions... you're in trouble.

    When you’re not 100% clear about who your best customers are or what motivates them to buy, it’s not just frustrating for you or your team—it’s a massive time suck.

    At Customer Camp, our workshops will give you the time, space and direction to power through the messy strategy work needed to grow faster. You'll walk away feeling more focused and organized... minus the overwhelm.

    This Program is Right for You if...

    • You’re not 100% confident that you’re targeting your "best fit" customers

    • You want to work more strategically, but feel stuck in the day-to-day grind of your business

    • You know you need to clarify your message because sometimes people don’t “get” what you do

    "One small change in my messaging and my cold outreach conversion rate increased from 3% to 28%. You spend months trying to find an answer that ends up costing you 20 minutes for a 1:1 interview. Sometimes you need to step outside of your day to day routine to see the forest from the trees. This workshop was exactly that—a chance to refocus.” JESSY GERVAIS, DIRECTOR OF MARKETING, FOODBYTE

    Who should attend?

    • Leaders - Who "wear many hats" including marketing and strategy
    • Marketers - Who want to work smarter and convert more leads
    • Salespeople - Who get inside their prospect's heads and close more deals


    • February 25, 2020, 9am - 4pm (in-person)
      Get Clear on Your Audience & Message
      Identify your "right fit" customers and craft a measurably better marketing message... all in one day!

    • March 10, 2020, 10am - 12pm (online)
      Get Inside Your Customer's Head
      Learn how to use audience research to figure out what buyers *really* care about… so you close deals faster.

    • April 8, 2020, 9am - 2:30pm (in-person)
      Build Your Growth Strategy
      Head into Q2 with extreme confidence and a research-backed marketing strategy that you're ready to execute.


    You must meet all eligibility requirements to take part of in this opportunity. If you are not a DNS member, you can still apply! Once you receive confirmation of your acceptance into the program, you must please register as a member.


    Please note, this program has been fully funded through Workplace Innovation and Productivity Skills Incentive (WIPSI), and will be provided FREE for DNS members with less than 50 employees. If your company has more than 50 employees, 50% of program costs will be funded..


    Meet your instructor:

    Katelyn Bourgoin is a 3X founder turned growth strategist. She understands the challenges business leaders face because she's been there herself.

    With operational experience spanning the marketing, tech, and hospitality sectors, Katelyn has been named as an influential entrepreneur by Forbes and featured in Inc., HuffPost, Bustle, CBC, CTV, Global TV and more. Katelyn' s past clients include high-growth tech startups, SMBs, and Fortune 500 companies like Target and Holiday Inn.

    Today Katelyn helps frustrated marketers, founders and salespeople to focus on what really matters—their customers.

    After all, whoever gets closer to the customer wins.

    • 26 Feb 2020
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
    • Online

    Did you know that by 2030, all businesses throughout Nova Scotia may have to make their website accessible and adhere to the Accessibility Act?

    Get ahead of the curve! Join Digital Nova Scotia and Lisa Snider on February 26th, at 12pm-1pm online for a webinar about how to make your online presence accessible! (We will email you the link!)

    Lisa Snider is the Senior Digital Accessibility Consultant, Trainer, and Owner of Access Changes Everything, which is a national digital accessibility consulting company. During the webinar, Lisa will be going over:

    • Why Accessibility is Important
    • Canadian Digital Accessibility Legislation
    • Who is Accessing Your Website
    • How Some People Are Accessing Your Website (including two live demos of assistive technologies)
    • Tips For Making Your Website More Accessible

    The webinar will be provided through Zoom, and members are encouraged to submit any questions they have about accessibility when signing up, and Lisa will answer them all during the webinar!

    About Lisa Snider

    Lisa Snider has over 20 years’ experience working with digital accessibility in different settings and contexts. Lisa’s passion in life is working with website, document, audio, video, email, social media and app accessibility, and sharing her knowledge through education to make these digital materials more accessible for everyone, including people with different disabilities.

    Through her company, Access Changes Everything (www.accesschangeseverything.com), Lisa provides accessibility audits, user testing by people with disabilities, remediation, procurement consultation, presentations, and in person and webinar workshops and training for various North American governments, organizations, universities and businesses.

    Lisa was the Chair of the Province of Manitoba’s Accessibility for Manitobans Act, Information & Communications Standard Development Committee, was a Stakeholder in the W3C Accessibility Guidelines Working Group Silver Task Force (WCAG 2.1), is an invited member of the Microsoft Inclusive Workplace Customer Advisory Council, and is a member of the ATHEN Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows and the Microsoft Mac Outlook Accessibility Groups, collaborating with Microsoft to improve the accessibility of their products.

    • 03 Mar 2020
    • 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
    • Huestis Innovation Pavilion, 15 University Avenue, Acadia University

    We're asking stakeholders of the digital sector in the Annapolis Valley to join us at Acadia on March 3rd for an evening of engaging discussion on the local digital sector and networking.

    The evening will be a structured dialogue and ideation in a World Café* format to discuss to needs, opportunities and challenges faced in the Annapolis Valley local tech sector.

    Refreshments will be provided.

    • 23 Mar 2020
    • 25 Mar 2020
    • 3 sessions
    • TBC - In-person & online

    Designed for developers, by developers.

    Learn how to build, maintain and launch real-world web applications with the React Bootcamp. Combining theory and application, you will produce your own apps and complete the program with the core knowledge required to deeply understand and begin building and testing robust web apps in React.

    Initially developed by Facebook, React is a framework used in many large-scale businesses around the world, such as Facebook, Netflix, Airbnb, and Uber. A front-runner amongst frameworks, React provides libraries to create feature-rich applications in the fields of Web Development, Mobile, and VR. Considered a user-interface framework, React allows you to code complex front-end applications with minimal resource allocation and easy scaling, and unlike most other Javascript frameworks, React is built in such a way that it pushes good coding practices, such as code reuse and data abstraction.

    Through this program, you will master leading edge skills and increase your capacity to compete in local and global markets of mobile development. This hands-on, classroom-based program uses an established boot camp model to provide high-end coding skills for beginner to intermediate developers. The program outline includes:

    In Class Modules:
    Day 1: 
    Module 1: React Introduction, Setting up your Environment
    Module 2: React Components and Basics (Code extensions and examples)

    Day 2:
    Module 3: Component Events and Attributes (dynamic variables)
    Module 4: Routing with React-router (advantages and disadvantages)

    Day 3:
    Module 5: Sharing state and data with React and Redux (real-world applications)
    Module 6: Accessing third-party components and APIs

    Video Lessons (Self-Directed Study)
    In addition to video lessons for all of the above modules, we also supply video lessons for the following:

    • Video Lesson: Introduction to Webpack
    • Video Lesson: Styling React
    • Video Lesson: Redux
    • Video Lesson: Testing and Troubleshooting your App
    • Video Lesson: Introduction to ES6
    • Streaming Session: Deploying your App for the World to See!

    Component-based architecture is where front-end development is going, so whether you’re starting development of your new product, looking for a front-end overhaul, or even just seeing what’s out there, React can add value to your business.

    This program is for you, if you…

    • have junior to advanced development experience (knowledge of JavaScript and ES6 is an asset)
    • are a front end developer looking to upgrade your skills
    • are deciding which framework to code your interface with

    Instructor Bio
    Rob is a programmer with over 15 years experience in web programming and software development, with a talent for solving complex problems and ensuring client satisfaction. A graduate of Dalhousie University’s Bachelor of Computer Science program, his mix of classical training and modern programming languages ensures that clients are not only satisfied with their product, but also have the means to continue servicing it in the long run. Previously, Rob worked as lead on projects ranging from website builds and mobile applications to server architecture, and is currently the CTO of Click2Order, an online ordering platform allowing restaurants to easily enable web and mobile ordering in their stores.

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28 Oct 2014 Business 101: Carving out the Express Entry Program – Treat yourself to an overview session
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17 Sep 2014 Digital NS Business 101 - Disrupt or Be Disrupted. Gaining Advantage in a Digital Economy in Atlantic Canada
26 Aug 2014 Digital Nova Scotia Annual General Meeting 2014
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12 Dec 2013 Digital Test Event
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19 Nov 2013 ADIANS and DNS presents "Wired for the Waves"
31 Oct 2013 Digital NS Business 101 - "Is cloud computing a secure option to reduce IT costs while increasing efficiency?
26 Sep 2013 Digital NS Business 101 - The "Weird and Wonderful" world of IP
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10 Apr 2013 Digital Nova Scotia Annual Dinner 2013
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25 Feb 2013 Digital Nova Scotia Business 101 - Sales in IT
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12 Jul 2012 Digital Nova Scotia Annual General Meeting 2012
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15 Feb 2012 Digital Nova Scotia TechLounge & 3Whf
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08 Dec 2011 Nova Scotia Industry Network - Holiday Networking Event!
07 Dec 2011 Doing Business In: Atlanta, Georgia
29 Nov 2011 Technology Alone Can No Longer Combat The User Risk- Where Do We Go From Here?
29 Nov 2011 Brain Repair Centre Hosts Networking Event
28 Nov 2011 Deloitte Pit Stop Seminars
17 Nov 2011 Digital Nova Scotia TechLounge
16 Nov 2011 Halifax ICT Industry-University/College Research Connector Event
14 Nov 2011 The Killam Lecture Series 2011: Visualizing Information
09 Nov 2011 APEC's Outlook 2012 Conference
01 Nov 2011 New Brunswick Innovation Forum 2011
28 Oct 2011 The Killam Lecture Series 2011: Visualizing Information
27 Oct 2011 Atlantic Internet Marketing Conference
25 Oct 2011 North to South: Trade Mission to the Carolina's
20 Oct 2011 Digital Nova Scotia TechLounge
23 Sep 2011 DemoCamp Halifax 2011
22 Sep 2011 Digital Nova Scotia - 22 Annual Golf Tournament
15 Sep 2011 Digital Nova Scotia TechLounge
29 Aug 2011 Canadian ICT Trade Mission to U.S. Air Force August 2011
18 Aug 2011 Digital Nova Scotia TechLounge
17 Aug 2011 PMINS August Breakfast Meeting
21 Jul 2011 Digital Nova Scotia TechLounge
14 Jul 2011 CS Seminar: Meng He
13 Jul 2011 CS Seminar: Derek Reilly
12 Jul 2011 CS Seminar: Ataul Bari
28 Jun 2011 Computer Science Seminar - Personalized Medicine
23 Jun 2011 Digital Nova Scotia TechLounge - Cancelled for June
23 Jun 2011 Digital Nova Scotia -Special AGM Reception
23 Jun 2011 Digital Nova Scotia Annual General Meeting 2011
22 Jun 2011 The Canadian Innovation Conversation
15 Jun 2011 Mid Atlantic/Canadian Mobile Application Forum
12 Jun 2011 Southeastern United States-Canadian Provinces Alliance: 4th Annual Conference
11 Jun 2011 Day of DotNetNuke
07 Jun 2011 Virtual Reality Community events
07 Jun 2011 Atlantic Landscape of Women in Tech. - a regional overview of opportunities and challenges
06 Jun 2011 Virtual Reality: The truth about Microsoft’s Interoperable Virtualization Stack
30 May 2011 ACOA/NSBI Trade Mission: Switzerland and Germany
26 May 2011 Business over Breakfast - Women in Technology
19 May 2011 I-ADVANCE(tm) Beta Testing in Halifax, NS May 19th - evening session
19 May 2011 Digital Nova Scotia TechLounge
19 May 2011 MITACS-MoMiNIS SEMINAR - Motivating User Participation in Social Computing Applications
18 May 2011 Futurallia - International Business Development Forum
13 May 2011 AtlanticYES! – Youth Entrepreneurship Summit
09 May 2011 Export Achievement Awards
04 May 2011 2011 Professional Development Summit
02 May 2011 15 great reasons. Register today for Canada 3.0
29 Apr 2011 SAS Halifax Regional User Group Meeting
28 Apr 2011 Innovacorp Business Over Breakfast: Elements of a Successful Pitch
27 Apr 2011 Technology Growth Initiative Business Boot Camp
26 Apr 2011 CIPS NS Dinner Meeting
26 Apr 2011 e4mativ - Educate, Empower, Inspire - Live from eNovaScotia
21 Apr 2011 Digital Nova Scotia TechLounge
08 Apr 2011 High Growth Essentials
07 Apr 2011 Join Jonathan Lister, Managing Director, Canada and Latin America at LinkedIn
06 Apr 2011 novaknowledge Leaders' Breakfast
05 Apr 2011 Very First Ruby on Rails user group meeting
31 Mar 2011 Innovacorp Business Over Breakfast: Protecting Your Intellectual Property
31 Mar 2011 CS Seminar: Intellectual Property Protection for Software
30 Mar 2011 The Canadian Innovation Conversation -Postponed
29 Mar 2011 CIPS NS Dinner Meeting
24 Mar 2011 MITACS MITACS-MoMiNIS seminar: Bernie Hogan
23 Mar 2011 Agility in the IT workspace - The Scrum Approach
22 Mar 2011 E-Myth Leadership Intensive
17 Mar 2011 Digital Nova Scotia TechLounge
16 Mar 2011 Marketing Now - The changing face of marketing
11 Mar 2011 Attention Atlantic Canadian Employers Looking for Key Skilled Workers
10 Mar 2011 DSM Launch Party - Business After Hours
10 Mar 2011 Translate Your Professional Expertise and Participate in Shaping an ICT Recognition Program *DATE CHANGED*
09 Mar 2011 Trade Mission to Chicago
08 Mar 2011 Digital Nova Scotia Annual Dinner
08 Mar 2011 Digital Leaders Summit
06 Mar 2011 Trade Mission to Lebanon
05 Mar 2011 Europe Export Education Program: Selling to the UK and Europe
04 Mar 2011 NS Procurement Services - Bid Preparation - Consulting Services Standing Offer WORKSHOP
03 Mar 2011 Atlantic Security Conference
03 Mar 2011 PMI Project Management Workshop
03 Mar 2011 Industry Showcase Seminar: SimplyCast
02 Mar 2011 The Future of Productivity Virtual Summit
01 Mar 2011 Spring 2011 - PMP Study Group
01 Mar 2011 CeBIT 2011
28 Feb 2011 Game Developers Conference San Francisco
24 Feb 2011 nnovacorp Business Over Breakfast: Social Media Trends for 2011
24 Feb 2011 International Trade Management
22 Feb 2011 CIPS Dinner Meeting featuring Paul Kent of Greater Halifax Partnership
17 Feb 2011 Digital Nova Scotia TechLounge
14 Feb 2011 Canadian ICT Trade Mission to Dominican Republic & Costa Rica
02 Feb 2011 Certifications in the Aerospace and Defence Sector
26 Jan 2011 Data Privacy Day Event
25 Jan 2011 CIPS NS Dinner Meeting
25 Jan 2011 TMT Predictions 2011 - the future of Technology, Media & Telecommunications
20 Jan 2011 Digital Nova Scotia TechLounge
20 Jan 2011 Business Over Breakfast - The path from idea to market
20 Jan 2011 Legal Aspects of International Trade
19 Jan 2011 Navigate Certifications for EU and US Markets
12 Jan 2011 CanWIT "Ask the Expert" Teleforum: Create a Personal Brand And Stand Out From the Crowd!
10 Jan 2011 Everything You Need to Know about Raising Equity Financing
16 Dec 2010 17th Annual novaknowledge Holiday Party
13 Dec 2010 Research Meets Business Holiday Reception
09 Dec 2010 NS Industry Holiday Networking Event
09 Dec 2010 From Mind to Market: A Workshop on Market Testing
08 Dec 2010 CSS - Cultivating an Open Source Digital Garden
07 Dec 2010 CSS - CGI's Atlantic Canada Global Delivery Centre
29 Nov 2010 Atlantic Canadian Delegation at Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC)
25 Nov 2010 SAS Halifax Regional User Group Meeting
25 Nov 2010 Business Over Breakfast - What Makes Entrepreneurs Do it Again (and Again)?
25 Nov 2010 PMI NS Big Event: Neal Whitten - Let’s Talk! Leadership, Accountability and Professional Maturity
24 Nov 2010 Maximizing Your Strengths for Success
18 Nov 2010 Digital Nova Scotia Student TechLounge
18 Nov 2010 CSC - A Probability Perspective
18 Nov 2010 Global Supply Chain Mgmt
17 Nov 2010 Understanding ISO 9000 Certification
15 Nov 2010 The Inter-American Development Bank in the Caribbean
09 Nov 2010 Science and the Media: Lost in Translation
07 Nov 2010 Trade Mission to the UAE
04 Nov 2010 Executive Privacy Web Summit
03 Nov 2010 CATAAtlantic Information Briefing Teleforum
01 Nov 2010 Task Management: a New Model of Management for Websites
01 Nov 2010 Register Now for APEC's Outlook 2010 Conference / Inscrivez-vous dès maintenant pour « Perspectives 2011 »
29 Oct 2010 The Knowledge Economy is Here, Are We Ready?
28 Oct 2010 Fourteenth Annual Canadian IT Law Association Conference
27 Oct 2010 CIPS Dinner Meeting -Current Internet Threat Landscape - Attacks Using Web 2.0
26 Oct 2010 Enhancing Competitiveness with Internationally Trained Workers
26 Oct 2010 Invest Atlantic - Raising Capital for Business
26 Oct 2010 Dal Seminar Series in Project Management
21 Oct 2010 Digital Nova Scotia TechLounge
21 Oct 2010 Feature Focus: The Asian Development Bank
20 Oct 2010 What's the BIG Idea? Pitch Competition
18 Oct 2010 Trade Mission to Norway and/or Iceland
14 Oct 2010 CocoaHeads meeting Today!
05 Oct 2010 New Brunswick Innovation Forum 2010
04 Oct 2010 Export Development Workshops - Opportunities in Europe and Southeast Asia
30 Sep 2010 Annapolis Digby Tech Social
29 Sep 2010 Webinar: Corporate Procurement at the World Bank (WB) and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) – Opportunities for Canadian Firms
24 Sep 2010 A Tutorial on Differential Geometry, Lie Algebras and Lie Groups with Maple
23 Sep 2010 Digital Nova Scotia - 21st Annual Golf Tournament
23 Sep 2010 FITTskills - International Marketing
22 Sep 2010 Grow Your Talent, Grow Your Business: RSVP by Sep. 20th
15 Sep 2010 Digital Nova Scotia TechLounge
14 Sep 2010 SheepDogInc.ca Presents "A Morning in the Cloud with Google: Halifax"
19 Aug 2010 CocoaHeads meeting
19 Aug 2010 Digital Nova Scotia TechLounge
12 Aug 2010 Small Business Essentials -SMUBDC
15 Jul 2010 Digital Nova Scotia TechLounge
09 Jul 2010 FCS- Blurring boundaries: Mixing input modes to enhance interactions in digital environments
29 Jun 2010 CS Seminar: Dr. Hilmi Gunes Kayacik
24 Jun 2010 Creating Opportunities for Employment, Business Acquisition & Procurement - Regional Strategy Sessions -Native Council of NS
23 Jun 2010 Digital Nova Scotia Business 101 - SR&ED Workshop
22 Jun 2010 Creating Opportunities for Employment, Business Acquisition & Procurement - Regional Strategy Sessions -Native Council of NS
22 Jun 2010 Give your business an IT advantage
21 Jun 2010 Greater Halifax Partnership Annual General Meeting 2010
21 Jun 2010 In-Market Export Education Program: Learn how to sell to the United States
17 Jun 2010 Digital Nova Scotia TechLounge -Special AGM Reception
17 Jun 2010 Digital Nova Scotia Annual General Meeting 2010
17 Jun 2010 Creating Opportunities for Employment, Business Acquisition & Procurement - Regional Strategy Sessions -Native Council of NS
15 Jun 2010 Provincial Procurement Outreach and Education EVENTS
15 Jun 2010 Creating Opportunities for Employment, Business Acquisition & Procurement - Regional Strategy Sessions -Native Council of NS
10 Jun 2010 Canada, check your privacy settings
10 Jun 2010 The Future of the Web and the World
10 Jun 2010 APEC: Major Projects Briefing 2010
10 Jun 2010 PMI June Breakfast Meeting
09 Jun 2010 Midsize Business Analytics Virtual Summit
03 Jun 2010 Demo Hub for Entrepreneurs and People with Great Ideas!
03 Jun 2010 Sydney TecSocial
02 Jun 2010 How the IT function responds to global business shifts - A story of IT Agility
02 Jun 2010 Northeastern Export Rally
01 Jun 2010 11th Annual Environmental Excellence in Business Breakfast
31 May 2010 Caribbean Trade Mission
26 May 2010 Building Our Future luncheon: Let's Talk Exports
26 May 2010 Building Effective Distribution Channels
25 May 2010 Provincial Procurement Outreach and Education EVENTS
20 May 2010 Information Session For Upcoming Genome Canada Research Competition
20 May 2010 Global Business Environment
19 May 2010 Digital Nova Scotia TechLounge - Special Wednesday
18 May 2010 CATA-WIT: What does it take to be a CEO in today's world?
13 May 2010 CocoaHeads meeting
13 May 2010 Export USA Webinar - Health IT - Everything you need to know about HIPAA and HITECH Information Privacy and Security in the U.S.
12 May 2010 Digital Nova Scotia Business 101 - Digital Media Tax Credit Workshop
06 May 2010 Cape Breton TecSocial
06 May 2010 Game Developers Conference Canada 2010
05 May 2010 GHP - The Business Case for Hiring Skilled Immigrants
05 May 2010 ESANS’ Business Sustainability Showcase
05 May 2010 2010 Professional Development Summit
04 May 2010 'What's the Big Idea?' Competition Awards Dinner
04 May 2010 The Tremblant Venture Forum 2010
30 Apr 2010 SAS Halifax Regional User Group meeting
29 Apr 2010 Annapolis Digby Tech Social
29 Apr 2010 From Mind to Market
27 Apr 2010 CIPS NS Dinner Meeting
26 Apr 2010 Trade Mission to Boston
23 Apr 2010 Computer Support for Mathematical Word Problem Solving: guided by Thai Teachers' Views
21 Apr 2010 ESANS Day with Governments
19 Apr 2010 NSBI Trade Mission: Trinidad & Tobago
15 Apr 2010 Digital Nova Scotia TechLounge
15 Apr 2010 International Trade Management
14 Apr 2010 PMI April Dinner Meeting
14 Apr 2010 Digital Nova Scotia Business 101 - SR&ED Workshop
14 Apr 2010 Accelerating Your Growth
11 Apr 2010 Southeastern United States - Canadian Provinces Alliance 3rd Annual Conference
30 Mar 2010 CIPS NS Dinner Meeting, IT Disconnect: High Demand / Low Supply
29 Mar 2010 Augmented Reality Demonstration
25 Mar 2010 Building Our Future Luncheon: Cities - The Engines of Economic Prosperity
25 Mar 2010 U.S. Atlantic Canada Technology Partnering Event
23 Mar 2010 Step-by-Step Succession Planning
18 Mar 2010 Digital Nova Scotia TechLounge
11 Mar 2010 CocoaHeads Meeting - Mac Programmers Group
11 Mar 2010 Bridging the Gap between Technical and Usable Design
11 Mar 2010 Colchester Export Rally
10 Mar 2010 Digital Nova Scotia Business 101 - Anti-Spam Laws
09 Mar 2010 Myths & Realities of Women's Leadership in IT
08 Mar 2010 Trade Mission to Norway
04 Mar 2010 FCS Seminar - Privacy and Social Computing
04 Mar 2010 Advanced Networks - Opportunity for Innovation
03 Mar 2010 Life Sciences: the Heart of Nova Scotia's Economy
02 Mar 2010 Canadian- American Healthcare Information Technology partnering Event
25 Feb 2010 The Evolution of CBAPR - A webinar with Kathleen Barret, President and CEO of IIBA
25 Feb 2010 Sneak Peek at the new Project Server 2010
24 Feb 2010 Business Over Breakfast: Software Product and Service Pricing and Packaging Strategies
23 Feb 2010 CANCELLED * Annapolis Digby Tech Social 3.5: Vince Stuart, I-3 Regional Winner
23 Feb 2010 Information Session - Settlement Funding and Labour Market Agreement Funding
19 Feb 2010 Trade Mission: UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
18 Feb 2010 Digital Nova Scotia TechLounge
11 Feb 2010 ITANS Annual Dinner
10 Feb 2010 PMI Networking and Dinner Meeting Presentation
21 Jan 2010 ITANS TechLounge
26 Nov 2009 PMI - Managing the Chaos brought about by Change
25 Nov 2009 A Learning Session at Pratt & Whitney Canada - Lean at Work
18 Nov 2009 InNOVAcorp - Business Over Breakfast - Social Media for Entrepreneurs
13 Nov 2009 APEC Outlook 2010
09 Nov 2009 International Financial Institution(IFI) Days: Seminar & Workshop
05 Nov 2009 Cape Breton TecSocial
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